"Totally delicious; I enjoyed every mouthful!"

"Can I just say, that blueberry and raspberry tart is one of the most amazing things I have ever tasted. was so light and sensational. And don't get me started on the cream meringue or the macaron!"

"We've had a fabulous afternoon and evening with our bubble family and a great festive cream tea from Food for all Seasons. Thankyou."


"Luscious! Thank you."


"Congratulations Janet and Sarah for providing such a delicious treat. As a result of having an unexpected power cut, we were able to eat at a candlelit table whilst a couple of kettles simmered on a blazing woodburner. Happily, as a result, we didn’t miss out on a cuppa.

The variety and quality of the food was excellent. Highly recommend this new venture provided by two local women.

Mustn’t forget to thank the lovely delivery lad."


"Janet made an absolutely delicious cake along with cupcakes to give to friends. We had a Zoom birthday party; a brilliant surprise for my partner."  Angela

"Cor, that was a delicious cake, totally yummy!" Clare

"Beautiful tarts; lemony, tangy and so smooth. The pastry was perfectly crisp and buttery. Thank you."   Sam

"Wonderful food as always"